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A white room. The aging bodies of actors Gilles Pelletier and Françoise Graton testify to a love that has triumphed over time. Under the knowing gaze of the camera, by turns sensitive and daring, senses awaken and the movements of desire come to be seen—and heard. Eyes question, skin shivers, hands come alive, breathing quickens, the heart pounds. In these moments both powerful and fragile, a captivating lover’s dialogue emerges between two octogenarian bodies defying inertia, old age and death. In Anatomy, young filmmaker Patrick Bossé shows us human beings in all their intimacy, imperfection and vulnerability. Subverting the clichés associated with elderly people, he has created a starkly purified work focused on sensations, bodily rhythms and the communion of two people—a fascinating relationship that takes on a universal power. With music by the group Forêt, this sensuous short film depicts the tremblings of desire and the most elemental components of love.

2013, 08 min 37 s

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Jury Special Prize
Festival international de courts métrages du Sud-Ouest
November 27 to 29 2014, Montréal - Canada