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The Wind at My Door

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In this intimate and touching portrait, filmmaker Pierre Goupil (Celui qui voit les heures, La vérité est un mensonge) speaks of his experience living with bipolar disorder, revealing his uneasy relationship with his illness and his journey as an artist in a society that struggles to accept those on the fringe. He has spent more than 25 years trying to cope with his illness, stubbornly refusing to fit into the box of normality. Today, the chemical straitjacket that stabilizes his condition also deprives him of his emotions. A product of the 1960s intellectual scene, Goupil continues to question the world and fight for global solidarity.

Written and produced in collaboration with Rénald Bellemare, The Wind at My Door celebrates life amid suffering, while reaffirming the importance of social ties and political commitment. Tackling the themes of the precariousness and vulnerability of those who battle this “illness of the soul,” the film is an ode to the freedom of individuals over the powers that would enslave them. Like our ever-changing seasons, the filmmaker's struggle is both the terrible winter and the long-awaited spring of renewed creation.

2014, 74 min 53 s

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