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No Fish Where to Go

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“Our planet—inhabited by people with different languages and customs.”
A friendship unites two little girls from opposing clans in a village where tensions are mounting. The Red Shoes have taken control of one side of the main street, and they don’t much care for the inhabitants on the other side. One morning, the family of one of the girls is forced to leave home. “You have two minutes to get out!” The little girl barely has time to get her pet fish before the men are herded to one side and the women and children to the other. She cries out, “Daddy!” And so begins the little girl’s long and painful journey as she seeks shelter for herself, her mother and her fish. Thanks to the friendship between the two girls, the fish’s life is saved. But for the family, the interminable exodus continues...      

Marie-Francine Hébert based the script for No Fish Where to Go on her book, which was published in 2003 and illustrated by Janice Nadeau. Directed by Nicola Lemay and Nadeau, this modern tale compassionately and poetically addresses intolerance and the consequences of war.


2014, 12 min 28 s

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International Grand Prix
International Animation Film Festival Tindirindis
November 26 2016, Vilnius - Lithuania

2nd Prize, Animated Short Film
International Children's Film Festival
October 24 to November 2 2014, Chicago - USA

Japan Foundation President's Prize
International Educational Program Contest Japan Prize
October 15 to 21 2014, Tokyo - Japan

Fipresci Prize
International Animated Film Festival
June 9 to 14 2014, Annecy - France