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Opa's War

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While visiting her ancestral home in Austria, a young Canadian woman unearths an old photograph of her late grandfather dressed in full German military uniform and is struck with the devastating realization that her beloved “Opa” was a soldier in Hitler’s army. Having grown up immensely proud of her Canadian grandfather, who fought with the Allies, she struggles to reconcile how the two men she adored as a child could have battled on opposite sides of the trenches.

Set in the picturesque Austrian Alps, Opa’s War takes viewers on a personal journey, uncovering a multilayered story that, until now, had remained untold. Featuring intimate conversations with family members, the film wrestles with the notion of inherited guilt and seeks to make sense of one soldier’s circumstances and choices during the Second World War. In the process, Opa’s War sheds light on a family history buried under decades of silent remorse.

2012, 33 min 16 s

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