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Rise and Fall of Versailles - Countdown to Revolution, Louis XVI

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A lavish drama-documentary chronicling the final days of the Bourbon dynasty under the ill fated Louis XVI and his Queen Marie Antoinette.  

Unlike his highly sexed forebears, it takes Louis seven years to consummate his marriage.  And his performance as ruler of France is no more distinguished than his efforts in the royal bed chamber.  

The French people are starving but the aristocracy is too busy partying inside the gilded palace of Versailles to take much notice.  Louis tries to make a difference but his every attempt at reform is blocked by his greedy relatives. Marie Antoinette gets much of the blame for the excesses of the rich, even if she never uttered the famous words ‘Let Them Eat Cake’.

As he drifts into depression and madness, Louis and his Queen attempt to stave off a revolution.  Spoiler alert: they don’t succeed.

2007, 52 min