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From the glittering ground slowly emerges a mass of moving particles. Several others – all alike – soon join the form, dancing as though luminous bodies in the infinite space of the cosmos. These precarious shapes constantly shatter, appear and disappear, transform and evolve to the rhythms of the final transition of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring...

CODA draws on advanced digital technologies to offer a new vision of dance in cinema. With motion capture (MoCap) and particle processing, designers Denis Poulin and Martine Époque create virtual dancers free of their morphological appearance. They imagine a dance in which humans become dynamic footprints, carrying the motor signature of each one of the real dancers at the source of their movements. Addressing environmental themes by way of metaphor, CODA is a fused universe where space and time collide, deploy, and dissolve.

2014, 11 min

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Best Animation Film
Fiver International Dancefilm Competition
January 2 2017, Logroño - Spain

3D Short-Animated - Jury Prize
4th Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards
January 27 2016, Beverly Hills - USA

3D Guild Award- category 3D Entertainment
3D Stereo Media
December 14 to 17 2015, Liège - Belgium