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After Film School

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After Film School is a dark, comedic mockumentary with a sprinkle of musical, investigating the question: What happens after film school? For these young Vancouverites, it’s a dark, yet comedic combination of depression and debt as they attempt to make the most controversial film of all time.

A year after graduating from film school, Adam thought he’d be directing blockbusters, but he and his classmates are not where they hoped they’d be in their careers, or lives. When his best friend—the only one of the group to find industry success—commits suicide, Adam sets out to produce his dead friend’s final script.

After Adam assembles his crew of film school friends to make the movie, he realizes the script is extremely depressing. Still determined to make a fitting tribute, Adam decides to turn his dead friend’s melancholy drama, about a disgruntled student who goes on a killing spree, into a musical comedy romp entitled 'High School Shooting: The Musical'—and hopes to transform his own career in the process.

2014, 94 min