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What becomes of our individual and collective memory in the digital era? Our data accompany all of our lives, like our shadows and our footprints. By the time we all disappear, they will haunt the memory of a huge network still in activity, enveloping the whole planet with its cables and airwaves.

IN LIMBO, the web experience, lets you explore this strange world of digital memory from the point of view of the data itselves. Simply connect your accounts linked to your identity and run the experiment. A 30 minutes film augmented with your own data will take you into a poetic and sensorial journey within the memory of the network. At different moments in the story, you will be allowed to dive into the limbo and navigate our connected memories.

While drifting in this strange collective brain, you will encounter some of your own data, but also its inhabitants: its early explorers (Gordon Bell, a life logging and Internet pioneer), its builders (Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive) and its prophets (Ray Kurzweil, head of engineering at Google), among others.

What becomes of our identities in a world without forgetting? Are we building the biggest cemetery in our History, or rather a new cathedral, the foundations of a new civilization?

2015, 30 min

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