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Oumar 9-1-1

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In this Montreal neighbourhood, everyone calls on Oumar when they need a hand. Now a Canadian citizen, Oumar is from Burkina Faso, and he finds helping others only natural. Working as a mechanic, Oumar has become a vital, central part of his community. People tend to gather round as he works, and talk often turns to weighty issues: feminism, polygamy, politics, religion. In eight months’ time, he is due to return for a visit with his family after six years away, so he is searching for hundreds of presents to take with him. Back home, when you leave the nest, it’s to look for wealth. Otherwise, failure awaits. This is Oumar’s lot as the custodian of dreams that he has become.

1998, 53 min 01 s

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Special Mention and "coup de coeur du jury" in the "Regard Canadien sur l'Afrique et les pays créoles" section.
VUES D'AFRIQUE / Journées du cinéma africain et créole
April 22 to May 2 1999, Montréal - Canada