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Mamie lives in Gaspésie in a house that faces away from the sea. Her granddaughter wonders: “Why isn’t Mamie interested in me or her other grandchildren? Why won’t she give me any affection or her beautiful blanket? What happened that made Mamie so indifferent?”

Just like her home, Mamie shuts herself off and won’t let anyone into heart. If it’s true that we are the summary of our experiences and those we allow into our lives, what remains if we don’t let anyone in? In this wonderful animation of hand-painted watercolours, the filmmaker reaches back into her own childhood memories to share a personal and touching story about the break in “passing things on” between her and her grandmother.

Mamie was directed by Janice Nadeau and co-produced by the NFB and Folimage.

2016, 06 min 16 s

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Animation Award
PAISAGENS 2018 - Sever do Vouga International Film Festival
September 11 2018, Sever do Vouga - Portugal

Jury Special Mention
Tricky Women International Women's Animated Film Festival
March 15 to 19 2017, Vienna - Austria

Award for Best Animation
Film Festival
July 31 2016, Avanca - Portugal