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I Love Potatoes

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Everyone loves potatoes in Potatoland, as they are the bounty on which they survive. After his village is struck with misfortune, Chips finds himself to be sorely lacking in potatoes. Through innovation and human contact, he must learn to survive without them in order to save his community and overturn the potatosaurus Monster's dominance.

I Love Potatoes is an adventure game for 7 to 77 year olds that deals with social innovation and sustainable economy issues in a slightly absurd, funny and quirky manner. Available for the Web, tablets and mobiles (IOS and Android), this playful journey will teach the steps of social innovation to people of all ages. Download this game whose narrative is designed to plant new ideas and harvest some change.

2015, 20 min

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Best Original Interactive Production Produced for Digital Media
Canadian Screen Awards
March 12 2017, Toronto - Canada

Grand prix Site ou application - fiction, variété, humour et jeunesse ex aequo avec Fonfon interactif
Boomerang Awards by Editions Info Presse
November 23 2016, Montréal - Canada

Best Digital Initiative- Gold Medal
Digital Publishing Awards
June 9 2016, Toronto - Canada

Prix d'excellence pour le meilleur contenu interactif – Engagement et communauté
Youth Media Alliance
May 17 2016, Montréal - Canada

Grand Prix NUMIX Innovation
May 5 2016, Montréal - Canada

Best Social Casual Game
Canadian Video Game Awards
December 6 2015, Toronto - Canada

FWA Mobile Of The Day
Favourite Website Awards
December 4 2015, Litlington - England

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