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My Tribe Is My Life (Web Site)

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My Tribe is My Life is an interactive documentary that examines the impact of the internet on interpersonal relationships and the construction of identity, through the eyes of eight young music fans.

Each of them is marginalized in their own way—either because of their musical tastes, their fashion choices or the regions where they live. Twenty years ago they would have felt completely isolated and alienated from their peers. Today, they can connect any time with people they relate to—communicating with them, learning from them, and sharing their passions on the subjects that touch them the most deeply.

In its own world, or is the online world an extension of real life? Does the internet erase cultural differences, or is it a powerful engine for the creation of new communities? Can virtual life be separated from “real life” at all?

My Tribe is My Life is not a thesis. Rather, it is an exploration that listens to the unique stories and paths through life of those who are immersed in the transformational technology of the web. It relies on those who use these tools every day, rather than detached expert views.

2010, 10 min

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