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The Head Vanishes

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Jacqueline is starting to lose her mind—and she’s literally forgetting her head now and then. But she won’t miss her annual train trip to the seaside for anything in the world. On the way, though, she’s followed by a gigantic woman who keeps calling her “Mom.” But if she were really her daughter, surely she’d recognize her?! No matter where Jacqueline tries to hide, it’s impossible to shake her off…

In this profoundly gentle and poetic film, animator Franck Dion takes us inside the faltering, fragile mind of a woman living with dementia. Confronted by her own comical and surprising illusions, walking along the train cars as if in an unending dream, Jacqueline seeks to escape, but unconsciously so—which may be her strongest connection to the real world. Luckily, her daughter isn’t the monstrous figure she thinks she sees, and is in fact watching over her to ensure her safe journey.

2016, 09 min 28 s

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Honorable Mention
Conscious Cartoons International Animation Festival
September 14 to 16 2018, Vashon - USA

Best Animation
LA Shorts Fest
August 2 to 10 2017, Los Angeles - USA

Best Animated Short
International Short Film Festival
June 20 to 26 2017, Palm Springs - USA

Grand Jury Award
International Short Film Festival
June 20 to 26 2017, Palm Springs - USA

Special Jury Mention
International Film Festival
May 18 to June 11 2017, Seattle - USA

Prix spécial du jury
Festival international du cinéma d'animation
March 17 to 22 2017, Meknès - Morocco

Short Film Award: Best Film
International Film Festival
March 3 to 12 2017, Miami - USA

Prix du public
Festival Tous Courts
December 2 to 6 2016, Aix-en-Provence - France

Grand Prix du jury
Festival Les Nuits Magiques
December 1 to 11 2016, Bègles - France

Best Canadian Screenplay Award
Film Festival
November 30 to December 4 2016, Whistler - Canada

Mention spéciale du jury
Festival Séquence Court-Métrage
November 23 2016 to November 27 2017, Toulouse - France

Best Animation Short
New York City Short Film Festival
November 5 2016, New York - USA

Prix du meilleur scénario
Mutivision Festival
October 28 to November 20 2016, St. Petersburg - Russia

Grand prix pour la musique (attribué au compositeur Pierre Caillet)
International Sound & Film Music Festival
October 23 to 26 2016, Rovinj - Croatia

Prix d'animation
Festival du film court de l'Isle Adam
September 30 to October 2 2016, Isle-Adam - France

Prix de la meilleure mise en scène
Festival international du film d’animation de Paris
September 13 to 18 2016, Paris - France

Prix Unifrance
Festival Off-Courts
September 2 to 10 2016, Trouville-sur-mer - France

Best Short Film
Imaginaria – International Animated Film Festival
August 23 to 27 2016, Conversano - Italy

Cristal for a Short Film
International Animated Film Festival
June 13 to 18 2016, Annecy - France

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