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Snow Warrior

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In the midst of an Edmonton deep-freeze, Mariah heads out. Every day, before dawn, while everyone else is sound asleep, she gets ready for her daily deliveries. Mariah is a bike courier, one of a handful of winter cycling snow warriors on Edmonton’s busy downtown streets.

Navigating a beautiful yet dangerous landscape, she shares ice-covered roads with cars and trucks. As the weather changes and the chill intensifies, flesh freezes and the challenges multiply.

Racing through snow and weaving through traffic, Mariah proves her strength, dedication, and capacity for joy. Extreme temperatures, violent winds, slippery roads and snowstorms do not stop a snow warrior.

Returning home in the dark, she dreams of another day doing battle with the elements. She loves her job.

Directed by Frederick Kroetsch and Kurt Spenrath, Snow Warrior is a love letter to winter, revelling in the embrace of the ghostly white shroud that defines the character of the people of the North.

2018, 08 min 27 s

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