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I Don't Feel Anything Anymore

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He’s a magician. She’s a firefighter. Isolating themselves from the chaos of a world in turmoil, the two lovers live in a crane basket high in the sky, where they go about their daily business. Their challenge: keep their heads, here up above it all, while everything falls apart down below. But when reality calls—when fires need quenching and people need entertaining—how can they best make themselves useful in a world gone off the rails?

Noémie Marsily and Carl Roosens, whose animated musical short Around the Lake charmed festival-goers in 2013, return with I Don’t Feel Anything Anymore, an unsettling satire of life in an unsettled world. Drawn in an evocative style with simple, stark lines, the film takes us from one bizarre and startling situation to the next. This twisting tale with occasional flights of absurdist fantasy is accompanied by a rich soundtrack that captures the confusion of modern life, blending odd sounds, music and even the voice of Quebec soprano Natalie Choquette.

2016, 09 min 28 s

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grand prix international du jury
Festival international d'animation Ciné court animé
March 19 to 25 2018, Roanne - France

YOO Kwang-sun Prize (International)
International Animation Festival
October 20 to 24 2017, Bucheon - Korea