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In Search of the Bowhead Whale

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An adventure film of a whaling expedition that included Scott McVay, an authority on whales, and filmmaker Bill Mason. The objective was to find and film the bowhead, a magnificent inhabitant of the cold Arctic seas brought to the edge of extinction by excessive commercial whaling. With helicopter and Inuit guide, aqualungs and underwater cameras, the expedition searches out and meets the bowhead and beluga.

1974, 49 min 25 s

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Jules Verne Award for Best Exploration Film
International Festival of Films on the Arctic
June 3 to 5 1983, Dieppe - France

First Award for Best Film - Category: Exploration Discovery
Black Orca FIlm Festival
June 14 to 15 1978, Seattle - USA

Highest Merit - Category: non invited 1977 films
International Wildlife Film Festival
April 8 to 9 1978, Missoula - USA

Chris Award
International Film and Video Festival
October 21 1976, Columbus - USA

Silver Venus Medallilon for Best Film - Category: TV Documentary
International Film Festival
November 7 to 16 1975, St.Thomas - USA

Blue Ribbon Award - Category: Environment, Nature and Wildlife
Itinerant - American Film and Video Festival
June 2 to 7 1975, New York - USA

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