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Where Is Monsieur Pug? (Interactive Game)

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Where’s Monsieur Pug? is based on the Monsieur Pug (2014) animation short by filmmaker Janet Perlman, coscripted by Québécois novelist and playwright Larry Tremblay. It tells the crazy story of a paranoid, anxious dog who loves origami and ice cream, and who is convinced to be the victim of a vast conspiracy.

As a member of a mysterious organization, your mission is simple: use your smartphone to track Monsieur Pug’s every move. Hire pugs – double agents – and post them in various strategic locations across town. Is your target hiding behind the convenience store? In the mall? On the bridge? On the other side of town? Post your pugs and keep your eyes peeled ! Find pugs hidden by other agents to rise within the organization and acquire the means to equip your pugs with fancy and adorable accessories, which will increase your chances of completing your main mission: finding Monsieur Pug!