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My Father

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How many men still have to uproot themselves and leave their families to get work? And when they wake up in the morning, how many of them have the sinking feeling that their lives are passing them by as they try to earn a living? Exemplary providers, nameless labourers, itinerant construction workers, they move from factories to dams, from one worksite to the next, and form a separate social class. They must rise to the challenge every day and come to terms with their growing loneliness every night. Who are these men, the filmmaker asks as he sets out to find his own father? Are they men on the run or everyday heroes? This film — a tribute to the unknown father – is part of the Libres courts collection of first-time documentary shorts. Seven films, seven filmmakers, a fresh look at the world. Bold, emotion-packed cinema.

2000, 26 min

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Pierre et Yolande Perrault Award - Category: Best documentary by an emerging filmmaker
Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma
February 15 to 25 2001, Montréal - Canada