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The Sea

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The sea, and not the continents, is the dominant force on this planet. Its secrets, hidden by the vastness of the oceans, are slowly being unravelled by scientists engaged in oceanographic research. This science documentary, designed to promote a better understanding of this great resource, takes us aboard the C.S.S. Hudson, a Canadian oceanographic vessel, to explore the sea.

1971, 28 min 36 s

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Gold Medal and Grand Prize of the President of the Republic
Journées internationales du film documentaire sur l'environnement
September 22 to 26 1974, Ouistreham-Riva-Bella - France

Gold Anchovy
International Week of Nautical Cinema
November 5 to 11 1973, Palma - Spain

Diploma of Merit
International Film Festival
June 2 to 17 1972, Melbourne - Australia

First Prize of the Festival
International Film Festival - Man - Air - Water
June 2 to 8 1972, Versailles - France

Jury Award - Gold Medal of the President of the Republic
International Review of Maritime Documentary / International Film, TV Film and Documentary Film Market (MIFED)
April 18 to 30 1972, Milan - Italy

Etrog for Best Documentary Under 30 minutes
Genie Awards
October 1 1971, Toronto - Canada