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Energy and Matter

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A look at energy and what it is, designed to encourage understanding and experimentation among even the youngest of budding physicists. This film pictures energy in familiar forms--light, heat, motion, etc.--and shows its origin in the sun. The illustration is cartoon-style, with colour and movement appealing to youthful imaginations.

1966, 08 min 23 s

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Golden Book Trophy - Category: Primary School Film Group
International Educational Film Festival
November 6 to 12 1993, Roshd - Iran

Gold Medal
International Festival of Didactic Films
May 26 to 30 1980, Beirut - Lebanon

Best Specialized Film
BAFTA / British Academy Film Awards
March 28 1968, London - England

Certificate of Merit - Category: Scientific and Educational Film
Cork Film Festival
September 18 to 25 1966, Cork - Ireland