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Someone Like Me

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In Sean Horlor and Steve J. Adams’ feature doc Someone Like Me, Drake, a young gay man from Uganda, leaves behind everything he knows to attain the universal freedoms everyone deserves: to be who he is and love whomever he chooses without fear of discrimination, persecution, or violence. A group of queer strangers unite to resettle Drake in Vancouver, but they are tasked with a year-long commitment to someone they’ve never met, and struggle with the challenging conditions of this support. Together, Drake and his sponsors embark on an emotional journey in search of personal freedom, revealing how in a world where one must constantly fight for the right to exist, survival itself becomes a victory.

2021, 79 min 50 s

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Best Documentary Feature
International Film Festival
March 2 to 6 2022, Las Cruces - USA

Alternative Spirit Award (Documentary) GRAND Prize
Rhode Island International Film Festival
August 9 to 22 2021, Providence - USA

Rogers Audience Award
Hot Docs
April 29 to May 9 2021, Toronto - Canada