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Gymnasia is an exploration of memory, and the impossibility of returning to one’s past except through dreams. In a decayed and abandoned school gymnasium—haunted by the ghosts of its history— are stirring memories of a childhood lost. Through virtual reality stop motion animation, puppets, and miniatures, Gymnasia envelops you in an eerily familiar waking dream. It will lead you back into a secret space in your memory. Back to your childhood gymnasium.

2019, 07 min

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Best Immersive Experience- Fiction
Canadian Screen Awards
May 25 to 28 2020, Toronto - Canada

Best Immersive Film Award
Manchester Animation Festival
November 10 to 14 2019, Manchester - England

B3 Biennial of the Moving Image
October 18 2019, Frankfurt - Germany

Best Virtual Reality- Animation
International Animation Festival
September 25 to 29 2019, Ottawa - Canada

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