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No Objects / Sans objets

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Textures, repetition, vibrations, oscillations and sounds: the image is heard. Scratched and scarred photos form a cascading avalanche of shapes, a choreography of people performing repetitive tasks, their silhouettes etched directly onto the surface. No Objects is the work of an artist who views the image as a hybrid of matter and motion. Gestures and sleight of hand are everything. Bodies are transformed by light as the moving images in this experimental short speak for themselves, their impact amplified by an intense sound design. No Objects offers both a bracing and contemplative meditation on the tactile world.

2019, 06 min 28 s

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Yorkton Film Festival
June 18 2020, Yorkton - Canada

Special Award at the discretion of the Short Film Jury
World Festival of Animated Films
June 3 to 8 2019, Zagreb - Croatia