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Heartbeat of a Nation

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On a beautiful sunny day in Northern Alberta, a river surrounded by green trees runs gently through the traditional lands of the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation.

As birds softly chirp, a father makes a tobacco offering to the river and reaches his hands below the water’s surface to pull out a caribou hide. Nearby, his young child watches. Today they will learn from their father how to make a caribou drum.

Heartbeat of a Nation is an evocative short documentary by Eric Janvier. It celebrates the healing of a community and a nation through the reclamation and passing down of traditional teachings within a Dene family.

2022, 20 min 22 s

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International Film Festival
September 29 to October 9 2022, Vancouver, CanadaImagine Native Film + Media Arts Festival
October 18 to 30 2022, Toronto, CanadaAnnual American Indian Film Festival
November 4 to 12 2022, San Francisco, USA

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