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Morning on the Lièvre

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Poet Archibald Lampman describes in verse the dazzling beauty of Québec's Lièvre River as it winds past maple-wooded hills in late September. Every tree is ablaze with colour, and the riot of reds, golds and greens is caught and held in the mirror surfaces of the water. In Morning on the Lièvre you see the river through the poet's eyes. Sole accompaniment is the reading of several of Lampman's poems including Morning on the Lièvre, and music specially composed.

1961, 13 min 27 s

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Prize of the General Commission of France
Festival of Tourist and Folklore Films
October 24 to 31 1963, Brussels - Belgium

Chris Statuette Award
International Film and Video Festival
September 28 1962, Columbus - USA

Award of Merit - Category: Theatrical Short
Genie Awards
May 26 1962, Toronto - Canada

Award of the Jury: "For excellence in successful creative exploration of the film medium".
International Film Festival
April 26 to May 6 1962, Boston - USA

Diploma of Merit
International Film Festival
August 20 to September 3 1961, Edinburgh - Scotland

Silver Bear
International Film Festival
June 23 to July 4 1961, Berlin - Germany

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