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Bad Seeds / Mauvaises herbes

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Bad Seeds takes us to a bizarre world populated by carnivorous plants that can change shapes the way a chameleon changes colours. The veteran director of Carface deftly connects growth with rivalry and evolution with competition, crafting an increasingly shocking duel that’s peppered with allusions to the western, the Cold War, board games, and much more.

2020, 06 min 22 s

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Special Mention for Best Animated Film
Ojai Film Festival
November 3 to 7 2022, Ojai - USA

Grand Prix du Jury Courts Compet’ FICAM 2022.
Festival international du cinéma d'animation
May 6 to 11 2022, Meknès - Morocco

Most Innovative Short (awarded by the junior jury)
Reel to Real International Film Festival for Youth and Families
April 3 to 13 2022, Vancouver - Canada

Prix du meilleur court-métrage (sélectionné par le jury enfants)
Festival International du film pour enfants (FIFEM)
February 26 to March 6 2022, Montréal - Canada

Best Animated Short Audience Award
International Film Festival
February 4 to 15 2022, Spokane - USA

Best of Fest
Animation Festival
December 4 2021, Los Angeles - USA

Best Comedy Short
Animation Festival
December 4 2021, Los Angeles - USA

L’Épi d’or- prix du court-métrage canadien-français favori du public
November 7 2021, Winnipeg - Canada

Best Animation Short Award
New York City Short Film Festival
October 15 to 17 2021, New York - USA

Animated Short Grand Jury Prize
International Film Festival
September 23 to October 3 2021, Calgary - Canada

Prix du public de la Compétition internationale
Sommets du cinéma d'animation
May 17 to 23 2021, Montréal - Canada