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The Children of Refus Global

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In 1948, Paul-Émile Borduas' Refus global manifesto proclaimed the end of the "reign of fear" embodied by the Duplessis regime. Fifty years later, all the history books mention this document which laid the foundations of modern Quebec. Daughter of one of the signatories, filmmaker Manon Barbeau takes a fresh look at this period. She went to meet the sons and daughters of Barbeau, Borduas, Mousseau and Riopelle, "children of Refus global" who, like her, suffered the consequences of their parents' revolutionary gesture. None of them emerged unscathed from a childhood made up of worries and abandonment, but also of a richness that only art can bring. Especially when it appears to us, as it does here, in the light of emotion.

1998, 74 min 47 s

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Award - Category: Best Arts documentary
Hot Docs
May 5 to 9 1999, Toronto - Canada

Honorable Mention from the Jury awarding by the Prix des bibliothèques
Cinéma du Réel
March 5 to 14 1999, Paris - France

Special Jury Award
Yorkton Film Festival
May 21 to 25 1998, Yorkton - Canada

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