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Caprice en couleurs / Begone Dull Care

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Le trio Oscar Peterson interprète trois pièces de son répertoire. Peignant et gravant directement sur la pellicule, Norman McLaren et Evelyn Lambart transcrivent ces sons avec, comme seuls guides, leur talent et leur libre imagination.

1949, 07 min 48 s

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First Award - Silver Medal - Category: Experimental
International Film Festival
August 1 1954, Durban - South-Africa

Best Experimental Film
American Federation of Art and Film Advisory Center Film Festival
January 1 1952, Woodstock - USA

Silver Medal - Second Prize - Category: Documentary Short Film
International Film Festival
June 6 to 18 1951, Berlin - Germany

Honourable Mention - Category: Miscellaneous Film
Annual Documentary Film Festival
November 1 1950, Salerno - Italy

First Prize - Category: Art Films
Mostra Internatzionale del Cinema
August 20 to September 10 1950, Venice - Italy

Special Award in recognition of the successful contribution of an experimental approach to filmmaking by Norman McLaren and his associates
Genie Awards
April 19 1950, Ottawa - Canada