Production personnel

  1. A Country Doctor
    Directed by: Alastair Brown
    Produced by: Peter Starr
    Written by: Alastair Brown
    2002, 70 min 53 s
  2. Into the Night
    Directed by: Annette Mangaard
    Produced by: Silva Basmajian
    Written by: Annette Mangaard
    2005, 78 min 05 s
  3. Journey to Justice
    Directed by: Roger McTair
    Produced by: Karen King-Chigbo
    2000, 47 min
  4. Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story
    Directed by: Jari Osborne
    Produced by: Karen King-Chigbo
    Written by: Jari Osborne
    2002, 50 min 47 s