Production personnel

  1. Arctic Circle - Episode One: On Thin Ice
    Produced by: Wally Longul
    Written by: Atsushi Nishida
    2009, 42 min 44 s
  2. Arctic Circle - Episode Two: Battle for the Pole
    Produced by: Wally Longul
    2009, 42 min 59 s
  3. The Arthur Lipsett Project: A Dot on the Histomap
    Directed by: Eric Gaucher
    Produced by: Adam Symansky
    Written by: Eric Gaucher
    2007, 52 min 17 s
  4. Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary
    Directed by: Pepita Ferrari
    Written by: Pepita Ferrari
    2008, 97 min 25 s