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Ray of Hope

Press release


Saying "No" to gangs: Ray of Hope sheds light on refugee life in Canada

The NFB is proud to announce the screening of  Ray of Hope - Fallaar Ilays on Thursday, April 13 from 6 - 9 pm at the Kipling Collegiate Institute, 380 The Westway, Etobicoke, ON.  The director, Muuxi Adam, will be in attendance.

Ray of Hope, is the inspiring story of courage and luck created by 19-year old Muuxi Adam, a young Somalian refugee. Reflecting his own experiences, he tells the story of his community and the tough, often life-or-death choices young refugees and immigrants must face in their new home lands.

The only surviving member of his family, Adam left his life in Mogadishu, Somalia in 2002 to escape war and it its horrible aftermath. Subsisting alone under the ever-watchful eyes of a local militia, Adam eventually made his way to Canada.  He arrived just over a year ago speaking no English. Within a year he is fluent in English, at school and working full time and making a movie in his spare time.

"Here in Canada we have to celebrate and appreciate those giving us the right to stay here," said Adam. "It is our job to work hard for ourselves and for our communities. I made this film so young people, and their families could see they have choices." 

Ray of Hope tells the story of a family of Somalian refugees who arrive in Winnipeg and begin to adjust to their new life in a new city. Central to the story is the character of the family's teenage son and the tough choices he makes to avoid joining a gang.

This one-hour docudrama is also the first film done by and for the Somalian community in Canada and was written, directed, and stars members of the Winnipeg Somalian community. The National Film Board of Canada supported the project through its Filmmakers' Assistance Program.

" Ray of Hope is a positive and hopeful film that uses story to go beyond the borders of ethnicity and age to address those issues we hold in common -- family, personal dignity, and community responsibility," said the National Film Board of Canada's Joe MacDonald, who acted as a mentor on the film. "The NFB became involved in the project in the Fall of 2005. It is very topical and relevant."

Following the screening there will be a discussion to explore the issues raised in the video. A translator will be on hand throughout the evening. Please note that Ray of Hope is in Somalian with English subtitles.


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