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HOLY MOUNTAIN! site takes its final form

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The National Film Board of Canada's progressive interactive documentary

Montreal, April 5, 2011 – After six months of ongoing additions to the site, the interactive Web documentary Holy Mountain! assumes its final form in April with the posting of its last two video clips: The Trees and The Ten Commandments with Régine Robin.

Poetic and perceptive, this “living work” is a love letter to Montreal's Mount Royal. Through its innovative narrative, Holy Mountain! aims to highlight the persistence of the sacred in our secular society, explored through the mountain's symbolic sites and the rituals observed there.

Holy Mountain! also offers a window onto the cultural diversity of Quebec today. People of every creed and colour who love Mount Royal—gravestone engravers, a priest whose passion is religious imagery, modern medieval warriors, immigrant families, solitary strollers—responded generously to the project. The eclectic mix is further enriched with commentary from a number of Quebec personalities, including Dany Laferrière, Natalie Choquette, Marie Chouinard, Xavier Dolan and Josh “Socalled” Dolgin.

User contributions, ranging from personal snapshots to voicemail messages, comments shared through social networks and more, form one of the most vital components of the work. Online visitors are also the main protagonists of this vast interactive initiative. Web users should note that their contributions are still welcome, even though the project's video component is now complete.

This April on Holy Mountain!

Tall, leafy people
The Trees. In the heart of urban Montreal, Mount Royal is a place where city dwellers meet—a place filled with majestic trees that writer Brownyn Winchester considers neighbours and friends.

Sociologist and historian Régine Robin
The Ten Commandments with Régine Robin. Inspired by the commandment to “Honour your father and your mother so that your days may be long,” sociologist and historian Régine Robin explains Mount Royal's social and symbolic heritage.

Since September 21, 2010, Internet users have been able to explore Mount Royal in a whole new way through Holy Mountain!, an interactive documentary by Gilbert Duclos, Hélène de Billy and the Departement studio, produced by the National Film Board of Canada. The multimedia odyssey was designed to continually evolve through the addition of new video clips, images and messages. Online visitors are encouraged to take part in the process by downloading the site's content, sharing it through social networks and uploading their own, as well as contributing to the soundtrack by calling 1-877-55-SOUVENIR and leaving a voicemail message . . . so many ways in which their individual recollections can gradually enter the collective memory.

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