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The National Film Board of Canada at the 2011 WFF

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They Think I’m Chinese!
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55 Socks

55 Socks
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Muybridge’s Strings
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Muybridge’s Strings

Muybridge’s Strings
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Muybridge’s Strings
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Montreal, August 2, 2011 – This year, once again, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) will be well represented at the 35th annual Montreal World Film Festival (August 18–28) with five films in the WFF program, four of them world premieres.

The 2011 selection marks the return to the NFB of some of the leading lights in auteur animation: Paul Driessen with Oedipus ( il Luster Films|NFB), Georges Schwizgebel with Romance ( Studio GDS|NFB) and Co Hoedeman with 55 chaussettes (55 Socks) ( Musivision| Coconino|NFB). It also includes Muybridge's Strings ( NHK| Polygon Pictures|NFB) by master animator Koji Yamamura and well-known filmmaker Nicole Giguère's latest documentary, On me prend pour une Chinoise ! (They Think I'm Chinese!) ( Productions VF|NFB).

In keeping with its commitment to emerging filmmakers, the NFB is awarding the 25th Norman McLaren Prize. It goes to the best work of any category in the Canadian Student Film Festival, now in its 42nd year, and includes $2,500 worth of NFB technical services under the ACIC program for independent cinema in Canada and the Quebec Filmmaker Assistance Program. The NFB is also very pleased that once again a number of works in the festival will be screened at the NFB Cinema.

In Official Competition

Muybridge's Strings, by Koji Yamamura – World premiere
In his meditation on the theme of time, Koji Yamamura offers a poetic clash of two worlds, exploring the irrepressible desire to seize life's fleeting moments, to freeze instants of happiness. The filmmaker moves freely between the worlds of photographer Eadweard Muybridge and a Japanese mother, observing their attempts to suspend the course of life. Muybridge's Strings shifts between memory and daydream, a moment of pure cinematographic bliss by a master of contemporary animation. Produced by Keisuke Tsuchihashi at NHK, Shuzo John Shiota at Polygon Pictures and Michael Fukushima at the NFB.

Oedipus, by Paul Driessen – World premiere
Unable to understand why his love affair has failed, Oedipus decides to start group therapy with other people struggling with similar problems. When he is asked to go back in time, he has to “retreat” to the very source of the problem with his love life. Paul Driessen, winner of the 1995 WWF's short film first prize, for The End of the World in 4 Seasons (NFB), is known for his inspired, fantasy-filled animated films. Here he has fun with a reversal of the famous myth. Produced by Arnoud Rijken and Michael J. Sniders at il Luster Films and Marcy Page at the NFB.

Romance, by Georges Schwizgebel – North American premiere
While on a plane, a traveller's mind slips into a dream world under the influence of a strange woman. The logic of desire takes over, and a love story begins to take shape. This animated film by Georges Schwizgebel skilfully navigates its way through a whirlwind, following the exuberant circumvolutions of a Rachmaninov scherzo, erasing the line between fantasy and reality. Produced by Georges Schwizgebel at Studio GDS and Marc Bertrand at the NFB.

Focus on World Cinema

55 chaussettes, by Co Hoedeman – World premiere, with the director in attendance
Based on a poem by Marie Jacobs, the animated short 55 chaussettes, by Oscar winner Co Hoedeman, pays tribute to the ingenuity of the Dutch during a dark period of their history. In 1944–45, at the end of the war during a long winter of famine, a small group of women unravel a colourful bedspread and knit 55 socks, which they barter for food. Drawing inspiration from childhood memories, Hoedeman has created a simple, poetic film of uncommon beauty. Produced by Laurie Gordon at Musivision, Peter Lindhout at Coconino and Julie Roy at the NFB.

Documentaries of the World

On me prend pour une Chinoise !, by Nicole Giguère – World premiere, with the director in attendance
The first wave of thousands of Chinese girls adopted by Quebec parents in the 1990s are now teenagers. The filmmaker focuses on five of these girls, following them as they grow up. At a time when they are still seeking their identities, how do these young Quebeckers deal with their differences? An intimate, moving journey with Alice, Léa, Julia, Anne and Flavie. Produced by Pauline Voisard at Productions VF and Johanne Bergeron at the NFB.

About the NFB
Canada's public producer and distributor, the National Film Board of Canada creates interactive works, social-issue documentaries, auteur animation and alternative dramas that provide the world with a unique Canadian perspective. The NFB is developing the entertainment forms of the future in groundbreaking interactive productions, while pioneering new directions in 3D stereoscopic film, community-based media, and more. It works in collaboration with emerging and established filmmakers, digital media creators and co-producers in every region of Canada, with Aboriginal and culturally diverse communities, as well as partners around the world. Since the NFB's founding in 1939, it has created over 13,000 productions and won over 5,000 awards, including 4 Webbys, 12 Oscars and more than 90 Genies. Its NFB.ca Screening Room features over 2,000 productions online, including high-definition and 3D films. The NFB also puts the experience of cinema into the hands of Canadians everywhere through its acclaimed mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, as well as a pre-loaded app in the BlackBerry PlayBook.
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