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The NFB announces the relocation of an executive producer position to Toronto, a new interactive producer position in Vancouver and the strengthening of its partnerships

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Montreal, September 27, 2012 – Tom Perlmutter, Government Film Commissioner and Chairperson of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), and Monique Simard, Director General of the NFB’s French Program, have confirmed that the NFB will have three creation centres dedicated to the development and growth of French in minority communities—in Vancouver, Toronto and Moncton.

More specifically, the NFB announced that the executive producer responsible for French production in minority communities will now be located in Toronto and that a new interactive producer position will be created in Vancouver. This will allow for more collaboration with francophone creators across the country concentrating on increasingly popular new platforms. The two new centres of expertise are in addition to the Acadia Studio in Moncton, which is continuing its mandate in the Atlantic region.

The NFB has also confirmed that it is maintaining its budgets for French-Canadian productions throughout the country and that it is intensifying its exploration of partnership opportunities with communities in order to continue producing promising and innovative works that are national and international in scope.

“The NFB is consolidating its francophone presence across the country by focusing on three strong production and distribution centres, including one specifically dedicated to digital expertise,” said Tom Perlmutter. “From Vancouver to Moncton by way of Toronto, this represents a redeployment of our driving forces and a continuation of our digital strategy. Making all these resources available to francophone creators will result not only in enhancement and diversity but also in a sharing of expertise that will stimulate artists in the entire French-Canadian community. This development is part of the NFB’s ongoing strategic commitment to the flourishing of French language and culture from a Canadian perspective across Canada and around the world.”

According to Monique Simard, francophone filmmakers and producers have always had access to high-level expertise in creating their cinematic works, but having an interactive producer will stimulate new forms of creation. “The Vancouver area is increasingly gaining recognition as a leader in interactive games and works. This is attracting a growing number of francophone artists and ultimately contributing to the vitality of existing francophone communities. The NFB already has a studio that also houses the English Program’s interactive team. Having these resources spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific will most certainly trigger stimulating synergies for everyone.”

Despite recent budget cuts, the fact that the NFB has been able to maintain the budgets for French-language productions throughout Canada is more good news. Ms. Simard stressed that relocating the executive producer position to Toronto was made possible following the announcement of French Program executive producer Jacques Turgeon’s retirement. “I wish to underscore Jacques’ remarkable work. He is a pillar and towering figure of the French Program. Over the course of 14 years, he produced more than 120 works, many with francophone creators in Acadia, Ontario and Western Canada.”

“Today’s announcements are concrete and tangible proof that the NFB is a major partner of Canada’s francophone communities. Our partnerships attest to that fact and we intend to continue these agreements. They provide leverage both in terms of the scope of the projects and their repercussions within the communities. I am convinced that these announcements and programs will not only stimulate productions by our artists, but that they will also spark their daring and creativity,” concluded Monique Simard.

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