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After the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris in 2012, Guy Maddin is now setting his sights on the Phi Centre in Montreal to film (and bring to life) his Seances, an entirely novel experience that will culminate in the production of an interactive work (NFB) and a feature film coproduced by Phi Films and the NFB.

From July 4 to 20, the celebrated Manitoba director will shoot 12 films in 13 days with local actors in front of a live audience. These films will serve as the subject matter for two new productions slated for completion in 2014.

Tuesday to Saturday, during Phi Centre opening hours.


A Buffalo Gal Pictures and Phi Films production in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada. Directed by Guy Maddin, Co-Director: Evan Johnson. Producers: Phoebe Greenberg, Penny Mancuso, Phyllis Laing, David Christensen. Producers, Interactive Content: Alicia Smith and Dana Dansereau. Executive Producer, Interactive: Loc Dao. Executive Producers: David Christensen, Niv Fichman, Jody Shapiro. Produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada and Manitoba Film & Music.


Seances is a film shoot, an experience and an installation, which will subsequently become a film and an interactive work. The basic premise of Seances is that most silent filmmakers lost at least one film to a twist of fate. Ever since, these films have hovered like ghosts in search of their final resting place.

And now Guy Maddin has decided to recreate these lost films. Every day, he will call on the spirits to take hold of the actors, plunging them into a deep trance that will enable them to act out the lost film of the day.

The most amazing part: the public is invited to attend these Seances of cinematic spiritualism. Cameras will be set up to transmit—live and in closed circuit—the shoot taking place inside the Phi Centre.

Guy Maddin

Guy Maddin is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist, screenwriter, filmmaker and producer. He has more than ten features to his credit and numerous short films.

A Member of the Order of Canada and of Manitoba (his home province), Guy Maddin has won several awards for his work, including Best Canadian Feature Film at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for My Winnipeg.

Guy Maddin has also collaborated with the NFB on the creation of Night Mayor, an experimental film presented at TIFF in 2009 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the NFB.

In his decision to recreate a number of lost films for the sole pleasure of the world's cinephiles, Seances is without a doubt the most daring project of Maddin's brilliant career. The project began in 2012 at the Centre George Pompidou in Paris where he shot 18 films. And now it continues at the Phi Centre with the shooting of 12 films in 13 days.

The Phi Centre

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The Phi Centre is an initiative of Phi and its founder, Phoebe Greenberg. Phi's mission is to provide the public with excellence in all types of art from every possible horizon. Phi is also at the head of three of the most dynamic entities in the art world: Phi-Music, Phi-Films and Phi-Creation.

About the NFB

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