A drawing of a young boy with an oversized head, a character from BLA BLA, an interactive website produced by Vincent Morisset in 2011.

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Monique Simard to head SODEC

Press release


MONTREAL, December 4, 2013—Tom Perlmutter, Government Film Commissioner and Chair of the National Film Board of Canada, congratulates Monique Simard, Director General of the NFB French Program (2008–2013), for her recent appointment as President and CEO of the SODEC.

“Monique Simard's presence on the NFB team helped our organization strengthen its creative leadership,” said Tom Perlmutter. “Her legendary energy combined with her extensive experience in the production and film industry will benefit not only the SODEC but the entire creative sector in Quebec.”

Simard was appointed as head of the NFB French Program in 2008 and in the following years produced acclaimed works, established the interactive studio, brought back the Filmmakers in Residence program, created a program for young Aboriginal filmmakers and encouraged French-language production in Canada. Throughout her career, she has been deeply committed to women's issues. She also discovered a number of creators and produced numerous films and interactive works on issues of importance to Quebec society.

Some of the outstanding works produced during her tenure are the interactive productions, BLA BLA (Vincent Morisset) and Fort McMoney (David Dufresne), the animated films Gloria Victoria (Theodore Ushev) and the 2012 Oscar-nominated Sunday (Patrick Doyon), and the documentaries The Hole Story (Richard Desjardins), The Lumberfros (Stéphanie Lanthier) and In Pieces (Paule Baillargeon).

The NFB will begin the process of recruiting a new Director General in early January. In the meantime, Colette Loumède, NFB Executive Producer, has been appointed as interim Director General.



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