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A unique doc in the age of social media AUTOPORTRAIT SANS MOI

Press release


 A film by Danic Champoux
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada

Opening at Excentris on March 14, 2014, and simultaneously throughout Quebec on ONF.ca and www.cinemaexcentris.com

Montreal, February 18, 2014 – The latest work by Danic Champoux ( Sessions, Mom and Me) might just be the best-kept secret in this year's crop of films. In a stylistic class of its own, the film also holds a mirror up to the times, giving a nod to speed dating and owing its very inception to a call put out through social media. More than 500 people responded, out of whom 150 were selected to be part of the film. Described by Champoux as a “merry-go-round,”  Autoportrait sans moi captures an endless chain of life through which the filmmaker tells a story—our story. Produced by the NFB (Colette Loumède), the film will open on March 14 at Cinéma Excentris in Montreal (French version). During its theatrical run it will also be available for streaming on ONF.ca and www.cinemaexcentris.com.

Autoportrait sans moi

A breath of fresh air in the documentary genre, the film is a fascinating compendium of raw emotions. Ultimately, more than 50 people revealed some of their most intimate thoughts on camera, touching on a multitude of topics that range from the humorous to the heartbreaking. This succession of first-person vignettes forms a complex human mosaic that we can all identify with. A reflection of our society, the film also tells us much about its author, who tacitly reveals himself through his inventive montage: “I took a hard look at who I was as well as who we are, together. Even if I hide behind a mask like everyone else, I erase myself at the very moment I affirm my existence.”

Autoportrait sans moi
was made as part of the second Filmmaker-in-Residence program, launched at the NFB in 2009. The program's emphasis on innovation gave Champoux free rein to create an atypical work in a spirit of experimentation: “The residency allowed me to step off the treadmill of trying to make a living from art, momentarily freeing me from the demands of producers, distributors, advertisers—in short, from an industry that's become incompatible with art.”

About the filmmaker

Danic Champoux first gained notice in the 1990s on La Course destination monde, which marked him as a young Quebec filmmaker to watch. He has since cemented his reputation through a number of projects. His documentaries Mon père (2000), Caporal Mark (2006), La couleur du temps (2008) and Baklava Blues (2009) earned him numerous awards and critical acclaim. In 2011 and 2012, he went from strength to strength with Mom and Me, an animated film about a boy's fascination with the Hells Angels, and Sessions, a feature documentary that drew on the tradition of direct cinema in its portrait of an oncology centre.

About the NFB

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) creates groundbreaking interactive works, social-issue documentaries and auteur animation. The NFB has produced over 13,000 productions and won over 5,000 awards, including 4 Canadian Screen Awards, 7 Webbys, 12 Oscars and more than 90 Genies. To access acclaimed NFB content, visit NFB.ca or download its apps for smartphones, tablets and connected TV.


Press screening
Monday, March 10 at 10 a.m.
Cinéma Excentris, 3536 Saint-Laurent Blvd, Montreal

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