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Simultaneous online release across Canada
on NFB.ca and cinemaexcentris.com

Il ventait devant ma porte, directed by Pierre Goupil and Rénald Bellemare

One filmmaker's moving comeback

Montreal, March 10, 2014 – Produced by Colette Loumède and Nathalie Cloutier of the NFB's French Program, Il ventait devant ma porte ( The Wind at My Door), co-directed by Pierre Goupil and Rénald Bellemare, will open in an exclusive run at Cinéma Excentris on April 4. On the same date, the feature documentary will also become available to audiences across Canada through NFB.ca and cinemaexcentris.com. The film's release comes in the wake of its world premiere in February at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois (RVCQ). The documentary offers a powerful and relevant chronicle of one man's struggle to cope with mental illness and to achieve creative rebirth, at a time when the need for policies on mental health and homelessness is increasingly urgent.

Il ventait devant ma porte
This moving personal account marks the triumphant return of an artist and actor who, for over a decade, had all but disappeared. Pierre Goupil is a prominent filmmaker whose approach—part autofiction, part autobiographical essay—had helped inject the Quebec film scene with renewed creativity. Now, Il ventait devant ma porte takes a frank look at his long absence from public view, a period that could have alienated him forever from his art. The turning point came in 2010 when, after being evicted from his apartment, he decided to pick up the pieces of his life. Goupil, who suffers from bipolar disorder, discusses his uneasy relationship with his illness and his journey—often precarious, always vulnerable—as an artist. Yet the film eschews self-pity in favour of celebrating friendship, social ties, political engagement and the power of artistic creation to restore a sense of purpose to life. We meet Goupil's former colleagues (Michel La Veaux, director of photography for Sébastien Pilote's Le démantèlement) along with old friends from the Casa Obscura artist's collective, including Jacques Leduc ( On est loin du soleil, Trois pommes à côté de sommeil), Richard Brouillette ( L'encerclement) and Paule Baillargeon ( La cuisine rouge, In Pieces). Written and directed with Rénald Bellemare, Il ventait devant ma porte is a stirring reaffirmation of nonconformism and the freedom of individuals over the powers that would enslave them.

The film's score was created by jazz group Jos Guitare led by Serge Lavoie, winner of the 2013 Prix Artiste pour la Paix. Lavoie, the “guitar scratcher” who had been the victim in 2012 of a forceful arrest by Montreal police constable Stéfanie Trudeau (a.k.a. Agent 728), received the award for his “profound social commitment” and his “exemplary ability to forgive and transform trauma into a positive artistic experience.”

About the directors and editor

Pierre Goupil
Actor and filmmaker Pierre Goupil developed his interest in the arts at a young age. After completing an undergraduate degree in communications and film, he cut his teeth on various independent productions with Films du crépuscule (today K-Films Amérique), working as producer, editor, assistant director and distributor. At age 29, he made his first 16mm fiction short, Robert N. This was followed in 1985 by Celui qui voit les heures, an introspective low-budget work whose strikingly modern style has made it one of the standout works of Quebec cinema. In 2000, his film La vérité est un mensonge won the Télé-Québec audience award at the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois. Clips from these films have been woven into the narrative of Il ventait devant ma porte.

Rénald Bellemare
Filmmaker Rénald Bellemare works in film and television. To date, he is best known for his work as director of photography on numerous productions, including Patricio Henriquez's The Dark Side of the White Lady (2006), Marilu Mallet's La Cueca Sola (2003) and Magnus Isacsson's View from the Summit (2001). In 2010, he worked on Turning 32 by Robbie Hart and Luc Côté. As co-writer and co-director of Il ventait devant ma porte, he worked closely with Goupil throughout the process to bring the story to the screen.

Michel Giroux
As an editor, Michel Giroux has worked with numerous filmmakers and videographers, including Robert Morin ( Journal d'un coopérant, Papa à la chasse aux Lagopèdes), Paule Baillargeon ( In Pieces) and Luc Bourdon ( The Memories of Angels). He also makes videos and installations for multimedia shows.

(film will be screened in French)
71 minutes

Opening April 4 at Cinéma Excentris
3536 Saint-Laurent Blvd., Montreal

Simultaneous online release across Canada
on NFB.ca and cinemaexcentris.com

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