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NFB offers 236 free screenings in 60 cities across Canada for the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie

Press release


March 3, 2016 – Ottawa – National Film Board of Canada

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) will be joining in the celebrations of the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF) for the 11th consecutive year. Taking place March 3 to 23, 2016, the RVF’s 18th edition will feature NFB screenings in all 10 of Canada’s provinces and its three territories. Francophone and francophile communities across the country will have access to three film programs offering something for viewers of all ages. The NFB will present a total of 236 free screenings in 60 cities, with 22 cities added to the NFB’s RVF tour just this year. And there will be more to view at ONF.ca: Si le temps le permet ( If the Weather Permits) by Élisapie Isaac, a spokesperson for the 2016 RVF, who delves deeply into her Inuit roots in this very personal documentary; and the website Échos – La francophonie dans tous ses états, where you can watch 20 films from 12 countries on the diversity of ways to express emotions in French.

RVF audiences will have a chance to watch inspiring and topical NFB works by local filmmakers from different parts of Canada—documentaries, animation and fiction that are sure to spark discussion and action with their wry and insightful portraits of Canada’s Francophonie. The films go straight to the heart of these highly diverse communities, capturing their unique vitality.

In keeping with this year’s RVF theme, La Francophonie in 3D: DIVERSITY, DUALITY, DYNAMISM!, the NFB is featuring recent films from the Tremplin competition for emerging French-speaking filmmakers outside Quebec, which is organized in collaboration with Radio-Canada. The works were produced at the NFB’s Francophonie Studios in Toronto and Moncton: Femmes debout ( Standing Tall), by Marie Ka, deals with the inspiring experiences of three women who immigrated to Vancouver; Cafétéria ( Cafeteria), by Francine Hébert, which recently won the best Franco-Canadian film award at the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (RVCQ), is about a community project that promotes local farm products to improve a New Brunswick school’s cafeteria menu; and Mes réseaux sociaux et moi ( Social Me), by Katia Café-Fébrissy, features a young Torontonian who takes a critical look at the social networks in her life.

Quick Facts

  • Three programs at a venue near you

    • Program 1 (84 min): 54 screenings in 26 cities – ages 16+

The documentaries Femmes debout ( Standing Tall), by Marie Ka, and La rencontre ( The Encounter), by Lucie Lachapelle, preceded by the short film Vistas – Enfermée ( Boxed In), by Shane Belcourt

Offering inspiring stories of strength and resilience, Femmes debout ( Standing Tall) is about three French-speaking women—from Senegal, Mexico and Belgium—who reflect on their experiences immigrating to Vancouver, where they are raising their children on their own. La rencontre ( The Encounter) takes viewers into the world of men and women who have settled in First Nations and Inuit communities. Their moving accounts and lucid perspectives show that it is possible to bridge the cultural divide. Both films will be preceded by the humorous short film Vistas – Enfermée ( Boxed In)

  • Program 2 (60 min): 90 screenings in 44 cities – ages 10+

The documentaries Cafétéria ( Cafeteria), by Francine Hébert, and Mes réseaux sociaux et moi ( Social Me), by Katia Café-Fébrissy, preceded by the animated film Canada Vignettes: Alouette, by Michèle Pauzé, and the fictional work Il était deux fois ( Twice upon a Time), by Giles Walker

Cafétéria ( Cafeteria) tells the story of an attempt to improve the cafeteria menu at an elementary school in Cocagne, New Brunswick, that leads to the emergence of an entire movement. When the members of this community put their shoulders to the wheel, they manage to extricate themselves from the grip of multinational companies in order to promote local farm products. In Mes réseaux sociaux et moi ( Social Me), Nya, a young francophone Torontonian, takes a critical look at how social networks have shaped, and continue to shape, her identity, experiences and values. The films are preceded by two amusing shorts: Canada Vignettes: Alouette, by Michèle Pauzé, and Il était deux fois ( Twice upon a Time), by Giles Walker.

Cafétéria ( Cafeteria) won the best Acadian short film award at the 2015 Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie (FICFA) and the best Franco-Canadian film prize, awarded by UNIS at the 2016 RVCQ.

  • Program 3 (41 min): 92 screenings in 42 cities – ages 5 to 9

This selection of films for kids includes five shorts: four animated films and a documentary. At times lively, at others touching, they deal with the need to respect each other’s differences.

On the program:

  • More to view at ONF.ca

    • Si le temps le permetby Élisapie Isaac, a 2016 RVF spokesperson

In the vastness of northern Quebec, on the edge of the Arctic Ocean, lies the village of Kangirsujuaq, in Nunavik. Here, tradition and modernity intersect on a daily basis. The laughter of children echoes in the streets and teenagers lap up “southern” culture while their elders try to adapt to the strangeness of their sedentary life. With this personal documentary, Élisapie Isaac, a young filmmaker born in Salluit and now living in Montreal, returns to her roots on this breathtaking tundra. Also available at NFB.ca as If the Weather Permits.

  • Échos – La francophonie dans tous ses états

The web component of an installation where you can watch 20 films from 12 countries, on the diversity of ways to express emotions in French. In short: eight emotions, 12 countries, one common language: French!

  • Detailed screening schedule and film descriptions

    • The detailed screening schedule can be found at RVF.ca under the “Calendar” tab.
    • View the program and film descriptions at RVF.ca under the “NFB” tab .


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