Filmmaker Cyrus Sundar Singh carries a metal tripod. Photo taken from Film Club, a documentary produced in 2001.

Filmmaker support programs

The National Film Board of Canada is proud to support new and emerging filmmakers. As Canada’s public film producer and distributor, we seek out and nurture talent from every part of the country. We’re proud of the work we do together and we remain committed to these efforts through our regular programming and the special initiatives outlined below.

NFB/UQAM partnership

The NFB is collaborating with the Université du Québec à Montréal to provide postproduction services and professional development initiatives for students in the École des médias.

Cinéaste recherché(e)

Cinéaste recherché(e) gives emerging francophone animation filmmakers the opportunity to make their first professional film and to develop a unique creative approach.


Hothouse’s aim is to make animation more quickly and more flexibly in celebration of the shortest of short forms while maintaining the hallmarks of NFB animation: creative and technical excellence.


Emerging filmmakers produce a 12-to-15-minute documentary in professional conditions, as well as attend screenwriting and directing workshops led by seasoned professionals.

Filmmaker assistance program (FAP)

The Filmmaker Assistance Program (FAP) is designed to help developing independent filmmakers complete their films/videos by providing technical services and support.