Filmmaker Cyrus Sundar Singh carries a metal tripod. Photo taken from Film Club, a documentary produced in 2001.


The National Film Board created the Tremplin program to help foster a new generation of documentary filmmakers from Canada’s French-speaking minority communities. Launched in 2005, the nationwide contest enables emerging filmmakers to write and direct their first or second short documentary in a professional setting, and to attend screenwriting and directing workshops led by seasoned professionals.

The Tremplin program supports the NFB’s goal of discovering and promoting emerging Canadian filmmakers. By offering practical and field experience, the competition acts as a stepping stone in a filmmaker’s career. Between 2006 and 2012, Tremplin received over 280 submissions: 69 finalists have participated in workshops, and 19 competition winners have produced 21 short documentaries.

The competition is open to entrants from all provinces and territories, except Quebec.

Proposals MUST be written in French.

For more information, please visit this Web page (in French).