French Program



The NFB’s French Program supports French-language auteur cinema (including digital and interactive productions). It produces and co-produces works in a variety of formats and using a broad range of approaches: social issue documentaries, auteur animation and bold interactive productions. Its productions deal with major social and cultural issues affecting Francophones in Quebec and Canada. The NFB’s French Program does not produce documentary series.


  • With multimedia filmmakers and creators (100% NFB productions)
  • With co-producers (national and international co-productions)
  • With independent filmmakers and producers through the ACIC program (Programme d’aide au cinéma indépendant – Canada)

NFB programming is composed of three production types:

    These productions are financed entirely by the NFB, which holds the distribution rights.
    These productions are launched and submitted by private Canadian production companies. The NFB’s French Program participates in them as a minority co-producer.* The NFB must hold and negotiate certain distribution rights. Preferably, projects should be submitted at the development stage.

*Except in New Brunswick where the NFB can be a majority co-producer.

    In most cases, these productions must be developed and/or produced through a private Canadian production company. The NFB’s French Program is involved as a minority co-producer even if the Canadian portion can be majority participation. In the best interests of the production, the NFB negotiates certain distribution rights and territories. Preferably, projects should be submitted at the development stage.



  • In most cases, the NFB’s financial contribution will not exceed 49% of the production budget (40% if the financing plan includes assistance from SODEC).
  • The private producer and the NFB share decision-making regarding key collaborators, artistic elements, stakeholders, financing and the cost estimate. The partners keep each other informed of the project’s progress on a regular basis and participate in screenings at various stages of development.
  • The partners agree on the human and technical resources provided by the NFB as well as on the market strategy and, if applicable, the choice of a distributor.
  • An allocation between partners is established pro rata in proportion to the contribution of each in the co-production, with the NFB retaining an undivided ownership interest in the production that is proportionate to its participation.
  • The partners recover their investment, pari passu, according to the same recoupment schedule, while giving priority to private investors and share in the profits on a pro rata basis according to their financial participation.


The French Program will take the following into account in order to achieve balanced programming.

  • Genre (animation, documentary, interactive, multiplatform, hybrid)
  • Subject / theme
  • Author’s merit and career
  • Diversity
  • Origin (regions or Montreal)
  • Target audiences
  • Formats (including multiplatform)
  • Percentage of national and international productions and co-productions
  • Gender ratio balance
  • Initiatives aimed at Aboriginals, emerging talent
  • Language of production


Projects are selected based on the following criteria:

  • work that cannot be produced without the NFB’s assistance
  • author’s merit
  • originality of creative approach
  • relevant and powerful themes
  • narrative quality
  • international outreach
  • regional roots
  • project’s positioning with respect to the above-mentioned programming balance criteria


  • French Animation Studio
  • Canadian Francophonie Studio – Acadie
  • Canadian Francophonie Studio

Projects may be submitted at any time. Proposals received are assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The ability to take on new projects is linked to production cycles and can fluctuate from one year to another.

  • Documentary Studio
  • French digital studio

There are deadlines for submitting documentary projects and interactive works from Quebec. Projects may be submitted at the development or production stages.

2015-2016 submission schedule for the Documentary Studio and the Interactive Studio

Submission Response
For filmmakers  (100% NFB productions)
For producers  (co-productions)
April 18, 2017 June 18, 2017

Please note that these dates take into account the Studio’s activities and are subject to change at any time. We suggest that you consult the dates regularly prior to the final submission of your projects.

All projects must be sent by mail in triplicate (3 copies) to the Studio’s address. Email submissions are not accepted. (See the “Where to Submit a Project” section.)

Applicants submitting projects that are not selected will be informed by mail. Applicants who submit projects that interest us will be contacted by phone.

Projects must be received at our offices by 5:00 p.m. at the latest on the applicable date indicated above.





Projects may be submitted at their earliest stages of development: the preliminary assessment will take the project’s stage of completion into account. The dossier should nonetheless include all materials needed to evaluate the content and proposed production.

  • An eight-line summary of the project.
  • A two-or-three-page synopsis detailing:
    • the topic and issues;
    • the proposed cinematic approach.
  • A research report, if available.
  • The audiences targeted by the production.
  • A CV, bio-filmography and three (3) DVD copies of a previous work.
  • The usual project information (length, format, genre, etc.).
  • For animated film projects, include the storyboard elements and proposed technique in addition to the other items.
  • Please fill out this form when submitting a project to the French Program and attach it to your documentation:


At the development stage

  • Basic information on the production company, CVs of the director and the key collaborators who are already involved or will be involved and three (3) DVD copies of a previous work.
  • An eight-line summary of the project.
  • A synopsis providing a clear understanding of the subject matter and author’s approach.
  • A non-exhaustive list of productions dealing with the same topic (optional).
  • A writing timeframe detailing the research and scrip writing to be done.
  • A development budget indicating the main sources of confirmed or anticipated financing.
  • An estimate of the size of the anticipated production budget.
  • The agreements that show that the producer holds the rights needed to go forward with production.
  • The usual project information: length, format, genre, etc.
  • Please fill out this form when submitting a project to the French Program and attach it to your documentation:

At the production stage

  • A film proposal that includes a detailed synopsis, the author’s approach, the treatment proposed and the audiences targeted.
  • An eight-line summary of the project.
  • A provisional production timeframe.
  • A global budget estimate.
  • A financial structure indicating confirmed or anticipated partners being considered and their participation, specifying the level and extent of NFB participation that is foreseen.
  • The list of the principal artistic collaborators and participants, confirmed or being considered, and three (3) DVD copies of a previous work.
  • A non-exhaustive list of productions dealing with the same topic (optional).
  • The agreements that show that the producer holds the rights needed for the production, including agreements with the author and director or a valid option as well as agreements pertaining to distribution if applicable.
  • The co-production agreement between the independent producers in the case of an international co-production.
  • Please fill out this form when submitting a project to the French Program and attach it to your documentation:


(All projects must be sent by mail)

DOCUMENTARY STUDIO (Montreal and Quebec regions)

National Film Board of Canada
3155 Côte de Liesse Road
Montreal, Quebec  H4N 2N4
Executive Producer: Colette Loumède
Producers*: Colette Loumède, Johanne Bergeron, Nathalie Cloutier

*Please specify to which of the three producers you are sending your submission.
Telephone: 514-496-1171
FAX: 514-283-7914


National Film Board of Canada
Heritage Court

1045 Main Street
Moncton, New Brunswick  E1C 1H1
Executive Producer: Dominic Desjardins
Producer: Jac Gautreau
Telephone: 506-851-6104
Fax: 506-851-2246


145 Wellington Street, Suite 1010
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 1H8
Executive Producer: Dominic Desjardins
Telephone: 416-300-4129


National Film Board of Canada
3155 Côte de Liesse Road
Montreal, Quebec  H4N 2N4
Executive Producer: Julie Roy
Producer: Marc Bertrand
Producer: Julie Roy
Telephone: 514-283-9332
Fax: 514-283-4443


The NFB’s French Program provides supplementary assistance to producers and filmmakers from across Canada for producing French-language films. Works are by independent filmmakers, are particularly innovative in form or content, and run the risk of not being produced without this assistance.

Assistance requests, including the application form and all required documents, may be submitted at any time. See details at
Assistance can be provided in the form of production and post-production technical services that are directly linked to creating the film.

Johanne Bergeron, Producer
Telephone: 514-283-9628
Fax: 514-283-6243

Julie Roy, Producer
Telephone: 514-283-3472
Fax: 514-283-4443


While remaining true to its values concerning social relevance and artistic expression, the NFB’s French Program has embarked on digital and interactive production for digital platforms. Regarding documentaries and animation, the French Program intends to support productions that are in the form of experiences designed and intended for interactive platforms.

Interactivity implies:

  • communication that occurs between an interface and the actions of Internet users;
  • user participation in a work;
  • the transformation of a work by users;
  • a conversation driver – whether on the Web, a smartphone, video walkman or interactive installation.

In addition to the above-mentioned assessment criteria, interactive treatment and form innovation will also be taken into consideration.

Application materials to be submitted:

  • Summary of the project, basis and motivation (5 lines maximum).
  • User experience (5 lines maximum).
  • The topic and issues (5 lines maximum).
  • Research report (if available).
  • Project’s longevity.
  • Target audience and demographic outreach.
  • Bilingual or multilingual potential.
  • Project’s positioning in the web world.
  • Nature of multiplatform complementarity, if applicable.
  • Interactive formulation:
    • interactive scenario statement;
    • content organization summary;
    • user engagement and participation;
    • visual proposal (scrapbook or table of themes).
  • Implementation capacity:
    • legal issues;
    • technical summary;
    • marketing plan for the Internet and other platforms;
    • lifespan and archiving;
    • financing structure;
    • budget;
    • timeframe;
    • team and portfolio.

These projects may be submitted to the executive producer, interactive productions. Projects from Quebec should be sent by mail to the Quebec Studio in accordance with the submission deadlines indicated above.

Executive Producer: Hugues Sweeney
Producer: Louis-Richard Tremblay
Telephone: 514-283-0733
Fax: 514-283-6403