Une image représentant Fort McMoney, un jeu documentaire sur l’industrie prétrolière. On y voit un paysage en noir et blanc avec une usine pétrolière au loin entourée d’une forêt et de cours d’eau. An image of Fort McMoney, a documentary game on the oil industry. It shows a landscape in black and white with an oil factory in the distance surrounded by a forest and streams.

French Digital Studio

Our role as a public producer is to tell stories that can’t be told as easily elsewhere, or to experiment with different types of storytelling because they don’t easily fit with existing market models. From that tradition of experimentation, in 2008 the NFB’s English Program created the world’s first digital studio focused solely on the production of creative works of the imagination that would use new platforms and technologies as an experimental canvas for interactive storytelling. French Program’s digital studio was created shortly after in 2009.

More details:
Download the “Working with the NFB’s Digital Studio” [PDF document]

You can also visit this page to learn how and when to submit a project: http://onf-nfb.gc.ca/en/produce-with-the-nfb/french-program/nfb-french-program-directing-co-producing/


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