A drawing of a young boy with an old woman holding onto his arm. Image taken from Sunday, an animated short film directed by Patrick Doyon in 2011.

French Animation Studio (French)

The French Animation Studio of the National Film Board of Canada’s French Program is a centre of creativity with a definite focus on research and innovation.

Since its inception in 1966, the Studio has pursued the mission of developing a community of French-speaking filmmakers working on auteur animation films in the tradition established by Norman McLaren and René Jodoin.

Over the years, the Studio’s avant-garde position has led it to work with a large number of very young filmmakers and to encourage the production of films by women. In this way we have helped change the animation filmmaking landscape, both locally and internationally.

Within the current boom in animation, the French Animation Studio stands out by its daring and know-how and the vigour and clarity of its works.

Since 1980, the French Animation Studio has held the Cinéaste recherché(e) competition, which gives an animation filmmaker the opportunity to make his/her first professional film and to develop a unique creative approach. The Studio also works in partnership with some of the world’s most dynamic production houses. For instance, an agreement with Folimage has resulted in the Artist-in-Residence program.

The Youth Program is an important component of the French Animation Studio. This facet of our production is devoted specifically to young audiences and favours a creator-driven approach whereby form and content reflect a bold and original vision. While not excluding documentaries or dramas, youth production up to now has consisted of animated shorts and interactive Web productions targeting young children (age 3-8) and preteens (age 9-12).


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