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The Things I Cannot Change

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This film is considered to be the forerunner of the NFB's Challenge for Change Program. It is a look at a family in trouble, seen from the inside. There is the trouble with the police, the begging for stale bread at the convent, the birth of another child, and the father who explains his family's predicament. Although filmed in Montréal, this is the anatomy of poverty as it occurs in North America, seen by a camera that became part of the family's life for several weeks. A sequel to this film was made in 1986, under the title Courage to Change, showing what happend to the Bailey family 18 years later.

1967, 55 min 05 s

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Certificat de mérite
Conference on Children
1 décembre 1970, Washington - États-Unis

Festival international du film de court métrage
Du 31 mars au 6 avril 1968, Oberhausen - Allemagne

prix Golden Gate pour l'excellence de la présentation réseau
Golden Gate Awards Competition & International Film Festival
Du 20 au 29 octobre 1967, San Francisco - États-Unis

mention spéciale - catégorie: films de moyen métrage
Festival des films canadiens - Festival international du film de Montréal
Du 4 au 18 août 1967, Montréal - Canada

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