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The Animal Movie

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An animated cartoon to help children explore why and how animals move as they do. A little boy discovers that he cannot compete with a monkey, a snake or a horse by imitating the way they move. He can only outdistance them when he climbs into a vehicle that can travel in any environment, proving that while other animals are trapped by their environment, humans, the inventors, aren't.

1966, 09 min 47 s

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Premier prix
Festival international de films pour enfants
Du 7 au 16 juillet 1967, La Plata - Argentine

Premier prix - CIDALC
Festival international de films pour enfants
Du 18 au 25 mai 1967, Gottwaldov - République Tchèque

Deuxième prix - plaque du lion de St. Marc
Exposition internationale du film pour enfants
Du 21 au 30 juillet 1966, Venise - Italie