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The first big mistake Ralph makes is not clearing the snow from the front walk, and his life goes downhill from that point on. By the end of the story, the mailman has fatally slipped on his job, Alice, his wife, doesn't live there anymore, and Ralph resolves to stop worrying--about the body, his wife, and the front walk.

1978, 07 min 07 s

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Diplôme de mérite
International Film Festival
Du 1 au 18 juin 1979, Melbourne - Australie

Prix Blue Ribbon - catégorie: humour et satire
Itinérant - American Film and Video Festival
Du 28 mai au 2 juin 1979, New York - États-Unis

Oscar - catégorie: films de court métrage - animation
Annual Academy Awards / OSCARS
9 avril 1979, Hollywood - États-Unis

Premier Prix - catégorie B - films de plus de 3 minutes
Festival mondial du film d'animation
Du 19 au 24 juin 1978, Zagreb - Croatie