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The Great Chess Movie

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In this Gilles Carle feature documentary on the game of chess, the international chess match is cast as a classic Western shoot-out. Three chess greats dominate the film: Russia's Anatoly Karpov; Viktor Korchnoi, a Russian defector; and American Bobby Fischer. Chess aficionados Camille Coudari and Fernando Arrabal analyze the personalities and strategies of the players and comment on the interplay of politics and chess.

1982, 79 min 40 s

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Mention d'honneur
Golden Gate Awards Competition & International Film Festival
Du 13 au 24 avril 1983, San Francisco - États-Unis

Prix de la Presse internationale
Festival des films du monde de Montréal (FFM)
Du 19 au 29 août 1982, Montréal - Canada