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Return to Dresden

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In 1945, the Bomber Commands of Great Britain and the United States organized a bombing raid that devastated the ancient city of Dresden. On February 13, 1985, exactly forty years after its destruction, the city celebrated its renaissance with the re-opening of one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe. One of the guests at this gala was the Canadian navigator of one of the bomber planes, returning to Dresden on a mission of peace that brought him face-to-face with the people who were once his enemies.

1986, 27 min 43 s

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Gerbe d'Or - catégorie: Meilleur documentaire de moins de 30 minutes
Festival de film de Yorkton
Du 29 octobre au 2 novembre 1986, Yorkton - Canada

Mention d'honneur
FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival
Du 22 au 25 octobre 1986, Halifax - Canada