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To a Safer Place

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This inspiring film is the story of how one woman has come to terms with her life as a survivor of incest. Sexually abused by her father from infancy to early adolescence, Shirley Turcotte is now in her thirties and has succeeded in building a rich and full life. In To a Safer Place, Shirley takes a further step to reconcile her past and present. The film accompanies her as she returns to the people and places of her childhood. Her mother, brothers and sister, all of whom were also caught up in the cycle of family violence, openly share their thoughts. Their frank disclosures will encourage survivors of incest to break through the silence and betrayal to recover and develop a sense of self-worth and dignity.

1987, 58 min 20 s

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Certificat de mérite "Summa cum laude"
Medikinale / Festival international du film médical et scientifique - Prix Leonardo
Du 14 au 19 novembre 1989, Parme - Italie

prix Crystal Apple
National Educational Media Network Competition
Du 17 au 21 mai 1989, Oakland - États-Unis

Prix d'Or - catégorie: Documentaire
International Film and Video Festival
Du 21 au 20 avril 1989, Houston - États-Unis

Statuette Chris - catégorie: Santé et médecine / viol et abus sexuel
Festival international du film et de la vidéo
Du 26 au 28 octobre 1988, Columbus - États-Unis

Premier Prix d'Or - catégorie: Dynamique familiale
John Muir Medical Film Festival
Du 18 au 25 juin 1988, Walnut Creek - États-Unis

Prix Blue Ribbon - catégorie: Relations familiales
Itinérant - American Film and Video Festival
Du 23 au 28 mai 1988, New York - États-Unis

Prix Emily 1988
Itinérant - American Film and Video Festival
Du 23 au 28 mai 1988, New York - États-Unis